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Links to JD Edwards Upgrade Workshop on-line listed resources Most require an Oracle customer or partner log-in.
Upgrade resources for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World ERP software customers.
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JD Edwards Today.  More Business.  More Help. 
Planning your JD Edwards Upgrade. 
Building a Business Case for your Upgrade Project. 
Pipes, Plumbing and Platforms. 
Data: Bits, Bytes and Megabytes. 
Red Code. Blue Code. New Code. Old Code. 
Oracle Policies Support the Future of JD Edwards Products Applications Unlimited Web link Lifetime Support          Web link Consolidated Resources and Information (Welcome Center) JD Edwards EnterpriseOne MOS 411533.1 JD Edwards World MOS 762214.1 Migration resources (for JDE E1 and JDE W) MOS 325.1 Oracle Upgrade Advisors for JD Edwards Upgrade Advisor: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0  MOS 1455419.1 Upgrade Advisor: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1  MOS 1426033.1 JD Edwards World A7.3, A8.1 and A9.x to World A9.3 MOS 1488502.1  JD Edwards World A7.3 to EnterpriseOne 9.0 MOS 325.1  Patching and Maintenance Advisors Software updates for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 and 9.1 MOS 1505994.1 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.1 MOS 1447449.1
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Oracle Support Policies for JD Edwards Oracle Lifetime Support booklet Upgrade Best Practices for JDE E1 (An Oracle white paper) MOS 1282389.1 Business Case Samples JD Edwards EnterpriseOne MOS 1283093.1 JD Edwards World MOS 1283154.1 Business Case Tools Oracle APEX Product Features (eUVP) MOS 1310896.1 Oracle APEX Technical Catalog JD Edwards Programmer’s Guide IBM ROI Tool ROI Tool (IBM) Nucleus Research ROI tool and white papers ROI Tool (Nucleus)
Minimum Technical Requirements (MTR) JD Edwards EnterpriseOne MOS 747323.1 JD Edwards World MOS 848362.1 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Platform Direction MOS 749393.1 Oracle Red Stack Information Red Stack vs. Blue Stack MOS 14379771.1 Oracle Application Server OAS Oracle WebLogic Server OWS 11g IBM Blue Stack information Websphere software IBM Websphere product web site Hardware Sizing General Guidelines for Sizing System Hardware MOS 748339.1 Oracle Sun Oracle Sun requirements for JDE E1 IBM IBM hardware sizing questionnaires HP HP sizing questionnaires Hosting Service for JD Edwards Oracle On Demand Cloud Services Oracle On Demand Secure-24 Secure-24 Velocity Technology Solutions (formerly WTS) Velocity
The History of Data Oracle Exadata video link Improved *ALTER process for JDE E1 MOS 1310943.1 Archive and Purge Tools Arctools Partner website Essentio Partner website IBM Optim Partner website KLIK-IT Partner website Report Management for JD Edwards World Workbench to clean up DreamWriters, World Writers, FASTR, STAR MOS 652537.1
Unit 11
Unit 12
Post Go-Live. Get Proactive with JD Edwards MOS 1389028.1  Use this as a starting point for solving issues proactively.
Oracle Training Tools Oracle UPK Product website Product blog Oracle UPK Video Quest SIG on UPK Training Oracle User Productivity Kit Resource Library Oracle UPK Library Including JD Edwards Pre-Built Content Data Sheets Oracle Training Offerings Advisor Webcasts (Recorded webcasts) MOS 1450327.1 Oracle Learning Library (OLL) OLL Website Self-study classes Oracle University Transfer of Information (TOI) online training for Oracle Apps MOS 732026.1 Documentation JD Edwards EnterpriseOne JD Edwards EnterpriseOne docs JD Edwards World JD Edwards World docs
Unit 13
Share your Story with our Community.  Keep in Touch. 
Oracle PROFIT business magazine - JD Edwards edition 2011 JD Edwards special edition 2012 JD Edwards special edition Upgrade Consortiums from Quest JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Information and registration link JD Edwards World Information and registration link
Oracle Automated Testing Suite (OATS) OATS marketing website OATS website OATS introduction video OATS video OATS screen views OATS screens Oracle Real User Experience insight (RUEI) RUEI demo site RUEI website RUEI and OATS together OATS and RUEI (flash)
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne System Extensibility Resources MOS 1199953.1
Code Analysis for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Oracle Consulting Service (OCS) CEMLI Deloitte Object Analyzer DWS Dimension SYSTIME UAP (Upgrade Assesment) Service L+T Infotech Retro-Dash Partner Code Analysis for JD Edwards World Oracle Assessment Report Program from Aldon Web link
Unit 0
Introduction and Logistics. 
The Toaster Project Web link
Unit 1
Our Story.  Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems.